Injury Types

Work Injuries

The attorneys at Uliase & Uliase can assist injured federal workers with filing a claim for any type of work-related injury. From trauma to occupational-related disease to repetitive stress injuries, we have decades of experience maximizing federal compensation for injuries sustained on the job. Below are a few of the major injury types we have seen.

Schedule Award Claims for Permanent Impairment

Federal employees who sustain permanent work-related injuries may be eligible to file a permanent impairment claim in addition to their FECA claim for injury compensation.

Hand and Foot Injuries

Damage to the hands and feet are some of the most common workplace injuries and can result from trauma, repetitive stress, defective equipment, and other issues.

Carpal Tunnel/Repetitive Stress

Performing the same repeated task every day can over time cause painful and permanent injuries including carpal tunnel, tendonitis, back problems, and more.

Neck, Back and Spinal Cord Injuries

On-the-job neck, back and spine injuries are often debilitating and may require extensive medical treatment, surgery, and long-term therapy or rehabilitation.

Preexisting injuries

Daily work-related tasks can sometimes severely aggravate a preexisting injury or medical condition and prevent an employee from performing his or her work duties.

Joint Injuries

Whether from a traumatic incident or just repeatedly taking on a lot of daily stress at work, joints all over the body can sustain painful, debilitating, and lifelong injuries.

Occupational Disease Claims

FECA compensates federal employees who develop certain diseases from exposure to hazardous substances including harmful fumes, radiation, toxins, poisons and particles.

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