Client Testimonials

"Even though Russell Uliase did not make any promises about my winning case, I was confident we would win because I felt he was committed, he was persistent, and because of his reputation to win cases. Through Mr. Uliase's excellent efforts on my case, I was fully reimbursed by OWCP for all medical expenses, including my out-of-pocket expenses for rehabilitation for my neck injury. I also received a generous scheduled award for my neck injury. - If you are a federal employee injured on the job, and have to litigate your case with OWCP, I recommend attorney Russell Uliase without reservation. But for his efforts, I would not have been successful against OWCP. He kept me fully informed as the case progressed, and I was completely satisfied with his services. Fighting for your rights against OWCP is a perilous endeavor and success is nearly impossible without a competent attorney by your side. Thank you Russell, I am very grateful."


Marketing Consult Manager

"After approximately 10 years working with Thomas Uliase, Attorney and Firm on this claim I'm surprised their fees weren't higher! Ten years is a long time to be persistent, patient and dedicated to seeing that I as a client stay focused and true to myself. I felt it necessary to comment in this case because Mr. Uliase and his Firm have always been professional and straightforward in dealing with me as a client."


United States Postal Service

"It was a long time settling both cases but I am very grateful to you for your efforts in bringing this to a close. It was a life changing event for me and my family. You and all your staff were always courteous, compassionate and professional in guiding me through this complicated process. Thank you and all your staff!"


United States Postal Service

"I hired Uliase & Uliase in 2006 to handle my workers compensation claim with the USPS. They were highly professional and extremely kind and compassionate toward me and due to their hard work and dedication to my case the outcome was truly satisfying. I highly recommend them."



"Absolutely excellent firm! Big enough to handle any case, and small enough to insure personal attention. Communication and record keeping were impeccable. Believe me you could not be in better hands!"


"I have never been treated as well as I was with attorney Tom Uliase. When working together, he was always so courteous, always took time to answer all my questions and responded to all my calls in a timely matter. Once I hired Tom, I felt my burden was completely relieved when I placed faith in his guidance. Thumbs up to Tom."


U.S. Postal Worker

"My affiliation with this law firm dates back to 2003; and let me tell you people, I am thoroughly convinced that Atty.Thomas Uliase, and his very fine staff is, without doubt the winning team that you want on your side whenever you may find yourselves in need of an attorney that you can trust and really count on to fight for you until the very last appeal is exhausted."


Client since 2003

"Hiring Uliase & Uliase was the best thing I did when I suffered serious injury as an equipment manufacturer in the DoD. Once I understood how hard Tom lobbied as an advocate for me and my case, I saw how relentless he was in fighting for me all these many years. If it weren’t for Tom, I'd probably be dead by now. Thanks to all the Uliase & Uliase team for a great job."


Department of Defense worker

"As a hurt postal worker, I learned about the Uliases from a co-worker who had also hired them. Every step of the process, Tom and his team kept me informed, were always patient and thorough in their explanation of my case, and provided expert guidance along the way. I feel blessed that I had the Uliases to turn to in such a turbulent time in my USPS career."


U.S. Postal Worker

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