Joint Injuries

Joint Injuries

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Protecting Federal Employees with All Types of Joint Injuries

A common type of injury in the workplace involves your joints — knees, elbows, shoulders, hips, ankles and wrists. Whether you sit at a desk all day or work in a physically demanding job, whether you are a mail carrier or corrections officer, you can be at risk of injury, either in a single accident or as a result of repetitive exposure to conditions or duties at your job.

If you are a federal worker and have sustained a workplace injury, you must seek benefits under the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA). FECA has different rules and benefits payments than state workers’ compensations programs, so you want a lawyer who is well-versed in the unique provisions of the federal statute.

We handle all claims involving job-related joint injuries, working with you to gather necessary medical evidence to support your claim. We help you throughout the legal process, from the time you have been injured until your case is resolved. We will be your advocate in any appeals of claim denials. And, at the appropriate time, we will help you get a schedule award.

At the office of Uliase & Uliase, in Haddon Heights, NJ, we dedicate our effort, energy and resources to the protection of federal workers who have been injured on the job, representing clients throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New York. Attorney Tom Uliase has focused primarily on federal employee injury claims for more than 28 years. Carolyn Uliase has concentrated her practice on FECA claims for many years. We bring comprehensive knowledge of the federal compensation systems to any federal employee hurt on the job. We know how to help you seek full and fair benefits for a workplace injury.

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