Russell Uliase, Esq.

Federal Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Russell Uliase, a partner at Uliase & Uliase, is a seasoned attorney with extensive experience in handling federal workers’ compensation claims. With a client base spanning over approximately four thousand federal employees, his expertise covers a wide array of cases, including representation of employees of federal government agencies, including the Postal Service, Veterans’ Affairs, Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Prisons, FBI, CIA, IRS, Social Security Administration, Department of Army, Navy, and Air Force. Russell also advocates for civilian employees at military bases and longshoremen affected by work-related injuries or illnesses at shipyards. He navigates cases under various compensation acts like the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, Defense Base Act, and Non-Appropriated Fund Instrumentalities (NAFI) work.

Russell also represents clients with personal injury cases. This includes handling personal injury lawsuits from motor vehicle accidents, dog attacks, slip and fall injuries, and pedestrian accidents.

Comprehensive Client Representation

Russell stands out in the legal community for his approach to case management. Unlike many law firms, which may handle only parts of a client’s claim, Russell and his team manage every aspect of a claim, from the initial injury to appellate work. Handling federal compensation claims and personal injury litigation together offers several advantages. This approach simplifies complex litigation, avoids coordination issues, and allows for strategic negotiation leveraging in favor of the client. Hiring one attorney who understands both areas helps prevent costly mistakes and ensures smoother processes, protecting clients from financial risks. This comprehensive service ensures that clients receive consistent and detailed legal support, making Uliase & Uliase a rare find in the industry.

Russell works with his team at Uliase & Uliase to support every aspect of a client’s federal workers’ compensation claim. He ensures clients are well informed when legal issues arise, including termination, denial, return to work, schedule awards, and overpayments. This attention to detail ensures clients make informed decisions as they plan the next steps after their injury.

Russell’s proactive approach to case management is crucial during the first few months of a claim, often the most tumultuous period for clients. He emphasizes the importance of timely and correct claims filing and obtaining proper medical support to avoid delays and denials. Russell’s dedication to guiding clients through every step and obstacle illustrates the firm’s commitment to detailed and thorough client support.

Exceptional Client Relationships and Advocacy

Mr. Uliase is committed to connecting with clients and thoroughly communicating with them throughout the legal process. His persuasive approach at hearings and outstanding legal writing and medical knowledge ensure clients’ voices are always heard loud and clear.

The firm is known for its dedication to being responsive and maintaining open communication with its clients. Their policy of returning all client calls within 24 hours, along with the expertise of their knowledgeable paralegals, ensures that clients have timely access to legal advice and support.

Noteworthy Case Impact

One of Russell’s notable cases involved a Department of Corrections employee who suffered a severe head injury. Russell’s intervention not only secured the necessary compensation but also addressed the client’s immediate needs and challenges in the workplace. This case exemplifies the firm’s dedication to helping clients in dire situations and navigating complex compensation systems.

Education and Professional Experience

Russell graduated from Widener University School of Law. Mr. Uliase served as the Associate Editor of the Widener Law Review, where he performed semi-final edits to articles on emerging legal issues written by professionals in the field of law. He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Loyola University Maryland.

While in law school, Mr. Uliase served as an intern to the Honorable Patricia Richmond, J.S.C. of the New Jersey Superior Court Burlington Vicinage. Russell also worked as a legal assistant at Uliase & Uliase, P.C. before obtaining his J.D. After graduating from Widener, he served as a clerk to the Honorable Eugene J. McCaffrey, J.S.C., P.J.Cv. of the New Jersey Superior Court in Gloucester County. He is licensed to practice in New Jersey.

Before joining Uliase & Uliase, Russell was an associate at Weir & Partners, LLC where he worked in civil litigation, primarily focusing on personal injury cases. His extensive workers’ compensation background and experience in various law areas, including criminal defense, municipal law, land use, employment law, commercial law, and bankruptcy, brings a unique and comprehensive perspective.

Bar Admissions:

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania


  • Juris Doctorate, Widener University School of Law
  • Bachelor of Business Administration Degree, Loyola University Maryland

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