Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs

New Jersey Federal Workers’ Compensation Attorneys
Protecting the Rights of Injured Department of Veterans Affairs Employees

When you work at a veteran’s facility, from a VA hospital to a retirement home, the risks of injury can be great. If you are a medical caregiver, you can be hurt trying to lift, move or restrain a patient. Workers in retirement or medical facilities can also be subject to assault.

As a federal employee, when you have been hurt on the job, any workers’ compensation benefits you seek must be under the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA), the federal equivalent of a workers’ compensation program. The procedures and benefits set forth under FECA are very different from those found in state workers’ compensation laws. Accordingly, you want an experienced and knowledgeable federal employee injury lawyer who has successfully protected the rights of others in similar circumstances to handle your case.

Our Practice

Our lawyers represent anyone who works for the Department of Veterans Affairs, including:

  • Employees of VA hospitals, nursing homes or retirement facilities — We represent nurses, nursing assistants, technicians, maintenance workers, lab workers and doctors who sustain injury while working at a VA facility
  • Administrative workers at VA offices and facilities — We handle claims for clerical workers, office employees, groundskeepers, custodians and maintenance workers at VA offices and facilities

We handle a wide range of injury claims, from injuries suffered in performing administrative functions to assault to harm suffered when trying to restrain or assist patients. We assist VA workers who have sustained repetitive stress injuries, as well as people hurt in all types of accidents while working.

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