Department of Defense SealThe United States Department of Defense offers a number of recruitment and outreach programs through its Recruitment Assistance Division (RAD), providing a means by which civilians may find employment there. These include:

  • The STAR program—The Student Training and Academic Recruitment program hires students as part-time employees to represent and promote the Department of Defense on college campuses across the United States. The program encourages one-on-one, peer-to-peer, communications where student employees have the opportunity to discuss both employment and scholarship possibilities. As a general rule, the STAR program employs students in academic programs that meet critical mission skills.
  • The Transition Assistance Program (TAP): TAP sponsors events that allow active duty members of the armed services to learn about civilian opportunities with the Department of Defense
  • The Department of Defense “Hiring Heroes” program—This program targets wounded, ill or injured members of the armed forces, providing assistance in finding employment in federal and private sector jobs.
  • College recruitment—RAD works closely with institutions of higher learning, looking for candidates whose academic studies are consistent with critical mission components. RAD has formed alliances with traditionally disadvantaged schools and students, including historically black colleges and universities, Hispanic institutions and tribal colleges. RAD also partners with majority schools that have large populations of disabled or minority students.
  • Diversity events—the Recruitment Assistance Division also targets diverse communities and groups, including minorities and disabled persons, sponsoring events that encourage diversity in the workplace.

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