If you have worked in the coal mines and you’ve contracted black lung or some other occupational disease, you may be eligible for medical benefits under the Federal Black Lung Program, which is operated and administered by the Division of Coal Mine Workers’ Compensation (the DCMWC). The DCMWC handles all claims filed under the Black Lung Benefits Act (BLBA), including payments to coal miners or their survivors for health problems associated with black lung, also known as pneumoconiosis. The DCMWC oversees payment of monthly benefits stipends, and also helps surviving coal miners get medical treatment for the effects of black lung.

The DCMWC works with mining companies, insurance companies and attorneys, helping facilitate the distribution of benefits to qualified individuals. Because payments under the BLBA are often most or all of the monthly income for recipients, the DCMWC works hard to ensure that it has correct contact information, and that recipients are not experiencing challenges receiving payments. The DCMWC will also assist sick miners and their families, ensuring they find proper medical care, that they are eligible for prescription pharmaceutical products and that they have access to home health and pulmonary rehabilitation services, if necessary. The DCMWC also monitors medical treatment billing to prevent abuse and fraud, and to ensure that sick workers are not overcharged or billed for inappropriate or unnecessary services.

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